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Dr Patrick Maher

My approach in practice has been shaped by my own experience growing up with regular chiropractic care & observing the level of wellness it provided within the family.

My mother was the first family member to benefit from Chiropractic care for her headaches, migraines & back pain as a result of a childhood fall.

As an infant I developed reflux & colic. Myself and my mother had our first full night sleep after my first chiropractic adjustment.

Mum observed the benefits of regular chiropractic care on the health of our whole family over the years, and every 6 weeks we drove 3 hours (in those days) from central Victoria to Melbourne to that same chiropractor.

Having experienced the benefits of chiropractic care from infancy & through all stages of my life thus far, I am keen for others to receive the same benefits that myself, my family and 25 years of my wonderful patients have enjoyed!

Yours in good health & wellness!


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